Tuesday 25 Jun, 2019

Three people found dead in Delhi; Son arrested

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New Delhi: The elder son of a family was arrested by the police in a case of murdering a family in Vasant Kunj. Sooraj Verma was arrested in connection with the murder of his parents Mithilesh (40), his wife Zia (40) and younger daughter Neha (16). Sooraj Venma is the elder son of Mithila and Zia.

The incident occurred at around 5 in Wednesday morning. The body was found by the maid. The police informed the neighbors after informing them. Following the inquiry, the accused was arrested. Sooraj was admitted to hospital with minor injuries.

Sooraj told police that the robbers had killed the family. But the police did not believe it. Sooraj then interrogated the incident. Parents will be forced to learn continuously, they will shout on cutting the class, do not allow the knight to fly. Sooraj told police that he was killed for their escape from their trouble.

The incident happened on the day Mithilesh was beaten Sooraj. In this, Sooraj decided to teach a lesson to the family. Then he went to the house near the house and bought knives and scissors. Sooraj reached back to home and spend day with his family. At the night, Sooraj took the knife and scissors in his hand at 3 am and then went to the parents' room and killed them.

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