Monday 24 Jun, 2019

The Lok Sabha passed Upper caste Reservation bill

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New Delhi: The Upper caste Reservation Bill was passed by the Lok Sabha on Tuesday. The Congress and the CPM supported the Bill. The bill was supported by 323 people. Three opposed. Meanwhile, the AIADMK has boycotted the Lok Sabha. The Muslim League voted against. Asaduddin Owaisi also opposed the bill.

Minister for Social Justice Tawarchand Gehlot said that the decision on the financial reservation is legitimate. The decision of the Supreme Court will not be rejected. The constitutional amendment cannot be rejected by the Supreme Court, the minister said.

The minister said it would not affect the existing reservation. The bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha by Thawarchand Gehlot. The decision is to change the 15th and 16th Amendment of the Constitution.

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