Monday 27 May, 2019

Telangana's Honor Killing: Relation with terror organisation ISI

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Hyderabad: An investigation into the alleged honor killing of the youth in Telengana forwards to the link of the terror group IS. Seven people, including a murderer, have been arrested by the investigating team so far. The youth Pranay was stabbed by the gang in front of his wife, who was pregnant and mother in Nalgonda, Telangana.

The murder took place after Pranay returning with his wife Amrita Varshini consulting a doctor. Amrita's family has been against her affair because of caste difference. Amritha from an upper caste and Pranay form a lower caste family. And the Pranay's family converted to Christianity.  The girl’s family give a quotation to kill the Pranay, police said.

 Police found that the main accused Askar Ali had links with the spy agency IS.

Askar is the accused in the murder of Gujarat home minister Haren Pandya earlier. There is an allegation that a local Congress leader helped father of Amrita Varshini in the incident. The cost of this murder is Rs 1 crore. Askar Ali and his murderer asked for Rs. 2.5 Cr and deal to make it in 1 Cr, police added.

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