Tuesday 25 Jun, 2019

Self-Styled Godman Rampal was found guilty in the murder case

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Gurgaon: Self Styled Godman Rampal was found guilty in murder case. Hisar court has found guilty Rampal in two cases. One of the victims murdered in the Satlok Ashram in Barwala was one case. The other was the killing of five people in the encounter between police and Rampal's followers. In the two cases, the court found Rampal guilty.

The sentence will be pronounced on 16th and 17th of this month. He was taken into custody in a case registered by Barwala police in Hisar district in Haryana. The incident happened in November 2014.

The Punjab and Haryana court had directed the police to arrest Rampal in the court case. The encounter ended with the firing after the Rampal's supporters came to block the police when they were came to arrest Rampal. Four women and one child were killed in the incident.

In August last year, the court acquitted Rampal and his associates in the case of hacking of government officials. Extradition and murder were the case charged with Rampal. This is the verdict in this case. The violence in Hisar has emerged in the background of the court verdict. Police held flag march in the district.

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