Saturday 20 Oct, 2018

Ration Shop Denies food over Aadhar; Hunger woman dies in UP

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Bareilly (UP): A woman was killed in Uttar Pradesh after hungry, reports said. The incident took place in Bareilly, where 50-year-old Shakeena Ashfaq died after succumbed to starvation. The ration shop denied food over aadhar, said family members of the deceased. The shop owner denied the ration under the Public Distribution System for November, because Shakina was too unwell to be even taken to the shop in a rickshaw, as she was every month.

 Shakina could not go because of the illness to take a fingerprint for Aadhaar.

 In November, we have not received ration. We applied to the ration shop owner. But he said that he would not ration without fingerprints. Shakeena's husband Mohammed Ishaq said.

According to the Central Government's Anthyodaya Project, the 35-kilometer ration of the family is permitted by Shakeena's family.

 However, Ishaq said that the borrower was forced to say that ration would not come because of the fingerprint.

Meanwhile, the Uttar Pradesh government said that Shakina died due to lack of food and other illnesses. Authorities said that ration cannot be denied in the name of Aadhaar and more investigations are taking place here over the starvation issue, reports added.

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