Tuesday 26 Mar, 2019

Protest broke out in Karnataka against the release of Rajani kanth Movie ‘Kala’

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Bengaluru: The release of Tamil prominent actor Rajanikanth's new movie 'Kala' has been blocked by some protesters in Karnataka. The protesters gathered in front of theatres which releasing 'Kala'movie. The exhibition was interrupted by the Kannadiga Sangh in front of the movie theaters. There was mass protest in front of all the cinema releases in Bengaluru. In many places, the show started very late. The demonstrations delayed the show and delayed watching the film.

The protesters demanded Rajani fans to raise their self-esteem by rejecting the cinema of the actor who spoke against Karnataka in the Cauvery river water issue. After the protest, the exhibition was delayed in the theaters of Mysore. Despite the protests, the theaters were ready to show theaters in Bellary and Raichur. Cauvery water is important for the people of Karnataka than cinema. So that demanding to not see the cinema said Praveen Shetty, Karnataka Rakshana Vedike.

At the same time, the film is getting good response from the release centers.

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