Monday 15 Oct, 2018

Poisonous Smog: Officials order to shut down 126 factories in Delhi

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poisonous smog officials order to shut down 126 factories in delh

New Delhi: In the wake of rising air pollution, officials in the capital city (NPC) have ordered to stop operations of 126 factories.  In this situation, the Delhi government decided to sprinkle water through the helicopter to minimize pollution.

The Haryana and UP governments with National Capital Region Regional Policies, along with Delhi, decided to take strong measures against rising levels of air pollution in Delhi over the past one week. As part of this, both governments have ordered to stop operations of 126 major factories in the National Capital Region till November 14.

 The National Capital Region is spread across Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. Maruti, Hero MotoCorp, factories, factory units and textile units of the big trucks are also included in close ordered ones. In Uttar Pradesh 69 and 57 in Haryana, the factories were closed.

The pollution levels in air continue to rise in Delhi and nearby towns. Hospital sources indicate that the number of patients seeking respiratory infections has been increased following to the pollution.  In the meantime, the government withdrew from the move after the National Green Tribunal prevented the implementation of a single double vehicle control scheme. The Delhi government will approach the Green Tribunal for further reductions in the implementation of the vehicle regulation project.

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