Tuesday 23 Oct, 2018

Passport is no longer a signatory to identity; End Page will not be accepted as travel information

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New Delhi: The passport is no longer considered signatory to identity. This decision is made by the Central Government. It is also decided that the last page of the passport will not be accepted as travel information. This will result in a very thorough change.

With the new measure will correct the whole system in the passport. Passengers those no needed emigration check, will be provided a passport with orange jackets. Those who not needed for the emigration check will provide the blue passport. The print out of the last page of the passport document also takes off by the center. The last page will have the address of the person and the name of the father and the partner.

The recommendation was made by a panel of Home Affairs and Women's Child Welfare Department. It was accepted after great advice. Discussions also took place on whether the father's name should be included in the passport. Discussions also took place on how to get the information of single parent's sons and adopted persons in the passport. But the final decision has not been put out.

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