Thursday 21 Jun, 2018

No Compromise until the Withdrawal of the Army, Says China

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Beijing: There is no meeting to be happened between India, till withdrawn Indian security forces from Dock Lah, in Sikkim border, Chinese media reported.  China has warned that if the country is not ready for compromise, the border dispute will remain the same until next winter. China's official news agency Shinhua said that if the Army does not withdraw from the border, it will bring more trouble situation to India. Over the last two weeks tensions remain between India and China, and it is started after China started building a road in Sompelry area. Bhutan and India opposed the move of China. India soon deployed more troops in the Dhaka region. The situation was resolved in three weeks after the border dispute in Ladakh and Tulsi in Ladakh in 2013 and around 2014 in Churu. Both sides decided to stay on that day and withdrew their troops.

On July 27, 28, the issue is going on to discuss issues with Ajit Doval. Ajit is going to China to participate in the BRICS summit.

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