Saturday 25 May, 2019

New cyclone 'Thitli' in Bay of Bengal; Weather forecast is more challenging

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Thiruvananthapuram: A cyclone in the Bay of Bengal has evolved after Okhi traversing to Yemen. Pakistan has given the name 'Thitli' to this hurricane.

Kerala and Lakshadweep will no longer be affected because Luban moves in the west. However, due to the influence of the Orissa cyclone, rains can be received in some places in Kerala for a few more days.

The Met department said low pressure created in coastline on Wednesday on the southern slopes of the Andhra-Odisha coast is about 720 km east of the Bay of Bengal will form as cyclone.

Weather forecasts indicated that the climate forecast in Kerala had become more challenging with two interconnected tasks.

Reports say that this time the Thula Varsham will likely to be delayed. The Chennai Meteorological Department had last week announced that it would start monsoon season. However, the meteorological survey of the Bay of Bengal predicted that after another cyclone in the Bay of Bengal there would also be a dip in the lunar eclipse.

The South West Monsoon is expected to be withdrawn within a few days. This year, the monsoon lags much faster than the previous years.

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