Thursday 21 Jun, 2018

Militant Attack in Jammu and Kashmir; 3 Army Men Killed

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militant attack in jammu and kashmir

Srinagar: Three army men killed in terror attack occurred in Akhnoor in Jammu and Kashmir. Militants attacked the camp in the early morning.

The terror group entered in the GREF camp in Badawal village, and opened fire, sources said.

According to the reports, the militants crossed the border to take attack, aimed the camp at least two kilometers away from the boarder.

The security measures tightened in the camp, following to the incident.

After the surgical strike Indian army faced a number of terror attacks recently.

Similarly, 97 incidents of attacks took place in 2016 and in the encounter between terror groups and Indian security forces with military, 146 militants killed, said the Prime Minister in the Rajyasabha.

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