Sunday 16 Dec, 2018

ISRO's 100th satellite was launched

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Bangalore: ISRO's 100th satellite, Kartosat-2 was launched from Sriharikota at 9.28 am today. The Kartosat-2 is launched with the help of PSLVC 40 rocket. PSLV spacecraft with 31 satellites is launched in a single mission by PSLV.

The aim of Kartosat-2 is to take high-quality 'spot' pictures from the space. Along with the third sequence of Kartosat-2, 28 Nano satellites from other countries with two satellite of India have been launched in the space, today.

 A total of 710 kg for Kartosat-2 613 for other smaller satellites is launched in the space. Smaller satellites are of the US, Canada, Finland, France, South Korea and the United Kingdom.

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