Tuesday 19 Feb, 2019

ISRO Spy Case; Supreme Court ordered to give Compensation to Nambi Narayanan

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New Delhi: The Supreme Court ordered a compensation to Nambi Narayan's in ISRO spy case. The court said that the government should decide how to pay for it. The court directed the petition filed by Nambi Narayanan seeking action against officials investigating the case.

The petition against the former DGP Sibi Mathews, retired SP Karkare, Josh and S Vijayan, probe on ISRO spy case. Nambi Narayanan has demanded action against the police officers, including Vijayan. Nambi Narayan moved the Supreme Court challenging the cancellation of the single bench of the High Court earlier. He also wanted a special investigation into the conspiracy behind the case. The petition says that the government has admitted that the investigating officers were wrong in the case.

The CBI, however, the CBI told the court that ready to inquire into the case was in any time. The court has hold case for the verdict.

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