Sunday 24 Feb, 2019

Heavy rainfall in Mumbai; Three deaths

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Mumbai: There was heavy rainfall in Mumbai. Three deaths were recorded. Due to heavy rains on Sundays and Monday morning, the people of the district disrupted their lives. The Meteorological Department said that the highest amount of rain was recorded in the Santa Cruz region.

At least three people have died in the rainy season. Malabar Hill, Dharavi and Hindmata are places where flood rises. The efforts of the municipality officials to pump the water on the roads with the use of motorsports are continuing.

The heavy rain disrupted traffic in the city traffic. The City service train runs late. Due to water logging in many parts of the city, there is a traffic hurdle. Traffic Police officials said that the message and warnings were routed through the media to facilitate road traffic.

Water in the low plains makes people's life vulnerable. The city of Chembur also affected in the rain. The Meteorological Department warned that the rain would get stronger from June 22-28.

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