Sunday 24 Mar, 2019

Gauri Lakesh murder case: One more arrested

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Bengaluru: Police have arrested one more person in Gauri Lankesh murder case. Mohan Nayak of South Kannada was arrested. The investigation team refused to reveal his involvement in the murder. Mohan Naik was remanded to police custody for 6 days.

Earlier, 29-year-old Parashuram Waghmmeer was arrested by police. Parashuram had told police that Gouri had killed in order to save his religion. He said that he had received Rs 13,000.

Parshuram had sought help from a person meet in Zindagi, and he offered all help to kill Gauri Lankseh. He received an advance of 3,000 rupees and for the stay and the food in the city. Parasuram also said that the man, who was stalked after the murder, give him Rs 10000 and left the city. More information in about the accused is unknown.

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