Tuesday 19 Feb, 2019

Dileep issue makes split in AMMA: Mohanlal

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Kochi: Dileep's issue makes split in the AMMA organization said, AMMA president Mohanlal. The decision was taken at a meeting in Mammootty's home where Dileep to be oust from the organization in the wake of split in the organization. Dileep is still out from the organization, Mohanlal added.

Amma is ready to discuss any issues with people including WCC. After the executive meeting, the AMMA will meet with WCC to discuss the issues. Today, only consultations took place. An executive meeting will be held, Mohanlal said in the press meet.

The Dileep issue was included in the agenda of the general body meeting. However, a member raised this issue in the meeting. Even women members who participated in the general body did not ask to do not take back Dileep. Now the respondents and the protesters did not say anything at the meeting. Had the request been asked, the decision would have changed. Mohanlal also said that AMMA organization and the he is also with the actress who got attacked.

The actress did not a complaint against the Dileep dropped her chances in Malayalam film industry. The actresses Bhavana and Remya Nambisan gave the resignation to protest against the decision take back of Dileep. Others have not resigned. If they want come back, they have to decide on the general Body. Dileep will be back if he acquitted from the case. Actress and Dileep are part of the organization.

No one has been banned from contesting the body election. WCC members can contest in the general body election. Complaints of actresses who are not getting opportunities are considered.

 AMMA is a 25-year-old organization. Many things, including constitutional amendments, need to be reconsidered. Mohanlal also added that the women's representation should be included in the Vice-President and secretary posts.

The issue of the actress Nisha Sarang is in the consideration. In the case of misbehaving of the serial director to the actress, AMMA is with the actress. There are talks with people relating to this regard.  Mohanlal also said that he did not respect Nisha Sarang in a common body was a communication error.

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