Wednesday 17 Oct, 2018

Central Government to Withdraw Cow Slaughtering

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Notification issued by the Central Government to ban cattle slaughtering is on the verge of ban.

The Ministry of Environment and Forests has informed the Ministry of Law that the notification will be withdrawn. The government is ready to withdraw the notification by considering the opinion of various states. It is reported that the central government is now intending to issue another notification with new amendments.

The notice was issued by the Central Government on May 23, States including Kerala had strongly opposed the notification. There were many petitions filed against notification in High Courts in various states.

The notification was stayed by the Supreme Court on July 11. The Central government was then seeking states' opinion on the notification.

Kerala, West Bengal, Tripura and other states have been protesting against notification. The verdict was challenged by organizing beef festivals in Kerala and killing livestock publicly.

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