Tuesday 16 Oct, 2018

BJP activists tortured toll booth workers in Gurgaon

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bjp activists tortured toll booth workers in gurgaon news

Gurgaon: BJP workers allegedly tortured woman employee of Kherki Daula toll plaza in Gurgaon. The woman filed a complaint against the victims. The incident took place around 8.30 am Saturday.

The activists in the vehicle demanded the woman to open the gate. But the lady did not open the gate without paying. The woman was threatened that they are activists of leading party of India; if not open the door they will attack her.

But she didn't open the door, over the threatening.  

They took the money, after assaulting her, reports said.  All of the happened has been spotted on the CCTV camera. On the basis of her complaint, the police started an investigation.

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