Monday 18 Feb, 2019

Apex Court Rejected the plea of the Nirbhaya convicts to be sentenced to death

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The apex court rejected the plea of the Nirbhya convicts to be sentenced to death. Three of the four petitioners were given a review petition. In the rape case of Nirbhaya, the Supreme Court decision was a stirring state. The accused filed a petition to decrease the sentence to death in the case.

The division bench comprising chief justice Deepak Mishra, Ashok Bhushan and R Bhanumati rejected the petitions. Following the plea of the petitioners, the accused can now file a revision petition. Even if it is rejected, the mercy petition can be given to the President.

Mukesh Singh (29), Pawan Gupta (22) and Vinay Sharma (23) tried to reopen the verdict of the death sentence awarded to the convicts. Akshay Thakur (31), who was also the accused in the case, was hanged in a hanging in a Ram Singh jail.

The accused approached the Delhi High Court against the death penalty of the apex court. But the high court upheld the conviction. This was later confirmed by the Supreme Court.

Subsequently, the accused moved the Supreme Court with the review petition.

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