Monday 21 Jan, 2019

After Punjab National Bank fraud Fraudulent in SBI also

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Chennai: After a huge amount of money fraud fond in Punjab National Bank, another massive fraud is found in SBI, reports said. According to the reports, a businessman hailed from Tamil Nadu fraud SBI for his Kanishka Jewellery.

The SBI gave the loan amount of Rs. 842.15 crore. The consortium of 14 banks led by SBI has given loans to Kanishka.

SBI lodged a complaint with the CBI on January 25. According to the reports, the interest rate of the loan will exceed Rs 1,000 crore. The owner of a gold jewellery in Tamil Nadu, Bhupesh Kumar Jain and Neeta Jain, his wife fraud crores from SBI.

Jewelery's registered office is located in T Nagar, Chennai. The complaint filed by the bank indicates that they can't contact the owners recently. CBI booked case based on SBI's complaint.

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