Sunday 31 May, 2020

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Boat Capsized in Tanzania killed 136 people

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Dodomo: A boat capsized in Lake Victoria, Tanzania, has killed 136 people. The boat had more than 300 people. Only 37 survivors have been rescued. The search for missing people continues.

The cause of boat accident is unknown. According to the reports, a large number of people were allowed to go by boat will be the cause of the accident, reports said.

The private owner MV Neyrere boat is drowned. The ticker of the boat is also missing, and could not find the ticket machine or other documents. So there is no accuracy in the number of people on the boat. Recently, the two engines of the boat were repaired.

 The oldest and most damaged boats run on Victoria Lake. In 1996, more than eight hundred people were killed by boat. There was another accident in which 144 people were killed six years ago.

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