Saturday 15 Dec, 2018

Smile- 5 secrets

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“Keep a smile always”, it’s a common advice. But, some people hardly smile. For such ones here reveals 5 secrets and advantages of smiling

1. Smiling can make you happy :Mind and body are interconnected you know, if you keep a smile on your face when you are going through a very tensed situation, that smile will fill happiness in your heart…so you will be happy and will be able to face any situation boldly.

2. Smile spreads happiness to others: If you welcomes everybody you come across a day with a smile, they will also be turned happy.Yea, smile can spread happiness and positive energy around you.

3. Smiling makes you more attractive: You will become more beautiful or handsome when you smiles.

4. Smile will increase memory. 5.

Your smile will express your interest.

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