Wednesday 24 Jul, 2019

Polluted Air Can Cause DNA Damage in Teenagers

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New Delhi: The air in the Indian capital polluting day by day, the reports said that it will cause DNA damages in youngsters. The specific type of DNA damage called telemere shortening will be result, and it is confirmed by the experts, the study says. The new report published in Journal of Occupational and environmental medicine. The article reports that the symptoms showing, people with asthma signs of telomere shortening, which is a type of DNA damage normally related to ageing.

This is the worst health problem, that affects in human beings with air pollution, said the study by John Balmes of University of California.  The researchers analysed the link between the telomeres shortening and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) which is an air pollutant released by vehicle exhaust.

The people most exposed to traffic related breathing problem is main victims of this DNA damage. Because the vehicle exhaust the most dangerous air pollution, and the people in every category breaths this air every day, the article claims.

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