Friday 21 Jun, 2019

Heart Diseases increasing in India, say Experts

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New Delhi: According to Cardiologists, patients with heart diseases increasing in the country, even more alarming. 

The caution reports come after the 68th annual conference of the Cardiological Society of India held at Kochi yesterday. The expert cardiologists warned that recently India facing major challenges in the cardiac sector. 

They added that diabetics is a major factor in increasing this. 

There is a high chance in the increasing of heart disease, who suffering from blood pressure and Diabetic. 

The number of cardiac patients in Kerala is three times more than that of the national average, World Heart Foundation former President, Dr Salim Yusuf said.

"The lifestyle of people in Kerala had led to more people becoming heart patients, he added. 

People should reduce carbohydrates and include more fruits in their daily diet for a healthy heart," he opined.

He also stressed the importance of regular exercise in preventing heart disease.

Meanwhile the European Society of Cardiology President Jeroen Bax said there were newer technologies founded for the detection of the disease, but attitudes of people have to change for the implementation of these methods, he added.

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