Tuesday 20 Aug, 2019

Gene Editing Tool, CRISPR-Case9 Prevent Blindness

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Seoul: According to the researchers, the gene editing tool CRISPR - Case 9 can prevent blindness in human.

The most common retinopathies causing blindness are 'retinopathy of prematurity' in children, 'diabetic retinopathy' and 'AMD' in older adults.

In these diseases, abnormally high levels of a protein called Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) are secreted which leads to leakages of blood and fluid into the eye, damaging an area at the centre of the retina called macula.

Currently, injections of anti-VEGF drugs are the most common treatment against AMD.

The CRISPR-Cas9 system works by cutting DNA at a target site, inside the VEGF gene.

For the study, published in the journal Genome Research, the team injected the pre-assembled CRISPR-Cas9 complex into the eyes of a mice model.

According to the estimated information, almost one in every person over 65 has some signs of AMD- which is a form of blindness which causes distorted vision and blind spots.

The study published in a Genome Research journal says that, it can be done through surgery. And the study adding that delivering CRISPR-Cas9 complex was more efficient, modified only the VEGF gene and did not affect other genes.

The research team injected it in mice as a model and observed the change. The researchers claiming that, with the surgery we can achieve a longer cure.

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