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Food is the Better way to Prevent Thyroid

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New Delhi: Most of the people suffering with thyroid related diseases. It is a gland which control main functions of our body like metabolism including calorie burning, heart beats functions etc. It is a gland situated in front of the neck, which produces thyroid hormones.

Good and healthy foods are like medicines. It helps to overcome all most all diseases by having it. New releases related to food which helps to catch your diseases adding below:


At firstly please use iodized tablet salt in your food.

Leafy greens

Any type of green leaves which is used as food items can help to leave thyroid from your body. Well green vegetables are otherwise also beneficial for our overall health as they provide minerals to our body. Green veggies like spinach and lettuce contain magnesium. So include those green leafy veggies in your salad with your favorite salad dressing over it.

Sea food

Good quality of sea food contains high amounts of iodine which is good for proper functioning of thyroid. Fish, shrimp, seaweed provide good amounts of iodine.


Add eggs in your meals they are an excellent source of selenium, a mineral the helps the conversion of thyroid hormone T4 into the usable form of T3. 


Use cashews, almonds and pumpkin seeds in your snacks, they are good sources of iron and selenium that support thyroid health.

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