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Ramadan Special Recipes in Kerala - Mutta Mala and Pinjanthappam

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pinjanthappam mutta maala

Wow, it’s Ramadan…..after a month long holy’s time to enjoy delicious dishes. Here are some delicious Ramadan dishes.

Mutta Maala


1. Eggs – 30
2. Sugar - 500 g
3. Water - as required


01. Separate the yolks (yellow) and the whites of the eggs.

02. Strain the yolks through a sieve, stirring with a spoon and then keep aside.

03. mix a spoon of egg white with the sugar and add three cups of water to the sugar and boil. Scoop out the foam which forms on the surface.

04. Remove the sugar syrup from the fire and strain through a sieve and boil the strained syrup again in a thick bottomed vessel.

05. Make a very small hole in a clean coconut shell in the centre and block the hole from outside with your finger then pour the egg yolk in the shell.

06. As the boiling sugar syrup begins to froth, remove the finger from the hole and let the egg yolk fall into the syrup like a long string. Make repeated circular motion to form a round garland of strings and continue without interruption till all the egg yolk in the coconut shell is used up.

7. Reduce the flame and sprinkle some water on the cooked garland of strings.

8. When the frothing ends, scoop out the garland with a sieve ladle and arrange on a plate.. Spread out the garland without breaking the strings.

9. Repeat the same with the remaining egg yolk.

10. Finaly,when the syrup turns thick, add water to loosen. Yea, tasty Muttamala is ready to serve.



01. Egg white - of 15 eggs
02. Sugar syrup - left over from using for Muttamaala
03. Sugar - as required
04. Ghee  - as required
05. Cardamom seeds - of 6 cardamom


01. Beat the egg whites with sugar syrup and cardamom seeds. Add more sugar if required.

02. Take a pudding tray greased with ghee and pour out the egg white mix to it. steam cook till done and kept aside till it cools .

03. Cut the pudding to pieces of desired size and shape.. Usually, Muttamaala and Pinjanthappam are served together.

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