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Wearing Sari is trending…!

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Though Indians prefer to have a mix of both traditional and modern outlooks borrowed from west, the time has arrived for us to teach western the fashion mantra. This time, it is through our most beloved wearing “Sari”, with which India is going global.

Gone are the days, when women took enough time in front of a mirror pleating her sari. And this in fact has made this best dress that could be worn by women according to our concepts, limited to only some occasion where we are not supposed to look at the clock frequently. But, still a majority of the ladies from the state likes to have Sari while going outside. As time evolved, Sari too carried out major changes in the form of pre – pleated Sari, leganga Sari, Cocktail gown Sari, and further with the likes of Sarong Sari.

What makes these stands out from the rest is their carrying of elegant looks along with easiness in wearing. The likes of Cocktail Sari, having the looks of a gown has already attracted widespread attention, especially those from an above average budget plans. At the same time, other silhouettes too are becoming a hot selling property among the brides from the state owing to the minimal embroidery and lightweight designs apart from being pre – pleated.

But, Sari when reached west too has had its share of changes in its outfit. The likes of Sarini, where bikini is being paired with Sari has attained a fan following in the west and the designers are having a series of improvisations in it. Even though it is tough to find acceptance for the style back in Kerala, others such as Sarong Sari, with the budding of Sari with Dupatta is an option to look forward.

Somehow, a major share of credit in this change in trend goes to the bollywood celebrities, who at times make the west wonder over the designs. Fashion diva such as Sonam Kapoor did wonders at the Cannes when she wore Indo – Western Panache and to be specific, a long jacket with an embroidered Sari.


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