Tuesday 18 Jun, 2019

Tessel Earrings: The Universal Model Attracts the Ear

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Tessel- is a finishing feature in fabric and clothing decoration. It is a universal ornament that is seen in varying versions in many cultures around the globe.

Tessel Earrings- the feather model hangings which bagged the fashion mantra earlier days.

This model actually hit in last of 2016, but new fashion trends also ends at these types of earrings, which are simple and elegant in all manners. Fashion trends across the world love this model with its attractive features. Normally it is in two models- stud and hangings. Western model as well as Indian culture Tessels also available in market. In a way, it suits with modern, traditional fashion. Like the paper model earrings, it can be done at home. Some have described the methods of making these types of earrings in the social media.

It can purchase via online or can buy from the market with low cost. The materials used for the Tessels makes it very special. Beads, thread and feathers also included to the great look of Tessel earrings. Simple fashions, attractive look with user friendly model are the specialties of this Tessel, the customer's claim.

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