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Slowly but steadily Indian men breaking conventional dress codes

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This is the age of confusions. Be it in thought or works or even manners too are subjected for changes, so is fashion. Like its western counterparts in India too this happened in the past, but not with this much conflict. So coming towards the trends which the metro sexual boys and girls are following, an average Indian can’t cope with them at any given point of time.

Bollywood can be considered as one of the first testing place for Indian fashion designers. Seeing their favorite film star wearing a designer suit has a great appeal among the Indian Diaspora and is more effective than any other type of promotions. Right from the days of ‘Guru Kurtas’ worn by Rajesh Khanna, to the knitted sweaters and white shoes of Rishi Kapoor, to the recent times of torn jeans and fitted suits of Salman Khan, the B – Town has always tried to have stylish male icons who could compete with their female counterparts such as Sharmila Tagore, Rekha and to the latest of additions Sonam Kapoor.

 While the west has tried and tested the wide – necked T – shirts, low cut sherwanis and unbuttoned shirts to show off the bare chest of men, we back in India used traditional technique of unbuttoning one or two of the top buttons. B – Town has icons like SRK who followed this dress code in some of his films to woo his female audience. Well, this has really worked well and the attributes goes to SRK’s toned body. Most designers point out that it is his lean at the same time toned body which captured the eyes of audiences when wearing wide – necked T – shirts. Since B – Town is known for actors putting enormous efforts in regular work out, this type of “Low necked T - shirts”, “Low cut sherwanies”, which mainly aims to project their toed chest muscles are getting acceptance there. So, quite naturally, fans of those actors too prefer to wear similar garments, and this is exactly what we are seeing in metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata or take for instance the big south Indian cities.

 But, in south, though you could see some ultra trendy dresses finding people, the numbers are always on the lower side. Experts points out that even though film industries in South are catching up in terms of heroes having toned body, it is yet to reach the level which has been achieved by Bollywood. Take for instance, the Malayalam film industry is even more backward in this process that most big stars possess bodies which are considered out of shape by its North counterparts. Thus, what is the most accepted dress code here in Kerala is traditional wearing garments such as shirts & Jubbas and dhotis though occasionally. 

While earlier it was simply the jeans which were the only stylish garments available in the markets of Kerala, of late newbie’s such as ‘Poly Cotton pants’, ‘Pure Cotton pants’ came into capture a significant share of the market. We also witnessed the coming back of yesteryear stylish dresses such as ‘Bellbottom pants’. But, strikingly this era is witnessing a fashion trend which is a perfect blend of trendy and traditional dresses. While traditional dresses such as shirts and dhotis finds acceptance, we can’t miss ‘Multicolor pants’ – that too giving pink textures.

Not to miss items such as ‘Kurta Churidar’, ‘Jodhpuri suits’, ‘Kurta Pajama’ and ‘Sherwanis’, which are obviously been taken from traditional North Indian wearing.

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