Friday 21 Jun, 2019

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Love and Roses

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happy valentine day 2014

It's February 14-Valentines day...or a day for lovers in the world. You can see roaming lovers in special dress code parks, beach...everywhere...with red roses, exchanging gifts, secret kisses...nobody will intrude into this world today. As per Indian concept this is against the tradition, but metros in our nation celebrate the day. For some people it's the day favourable for business for example gift shop owners, hotels, resorts. Governments are not imposing more restrictions..but remains alert about untoward incidents to be occur on the eve. Valentine's Day is celebrated in the memory of Saint Valentine, a Roman Saint, the martyr of love. But it was Geoffrey Chaucer who put forward a day for Valentine or lovers in the world. He wrote in his Parlement of Foules : "St. Valentine's Day, when every bird cometh there to choose his mate." The poem triggered the Valentine's Day celebrations. Now lovers and others who act as lovers are in a hushbush to celebrate the day. But for those, who are in real love..everyday in their life turns lovers day....not every day ..but every try to make real love..

Happy valentine's day to you all....

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