Friday 21 Jun, 2019

Have you heard about One Foot Wear with Five heels?

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Berlin: As a new trend in foot wear, a German company steps for a new model chappal that can be use in five ways for stylish women, who loves new trends.

In this new model the heel can be replaced is the additional feature. 

We can use this chappal also without heels. And when we want to be in the heel, can attach the heels easily as your wish.

We can buy heels, in favorite colors, and we can keep it in the hand bag also.

There are five types of variety heels for the foot wears provided by the company, in different variety colors and in portable size with shapes.

‘Several ladies suffered with back pain avoiding this type of stylish foot wears. This will benefit to them. When you feel unsuitable, you can replace easily with another heel’, say the style experts.

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