Saturday 20 Jul, 2019

Wanna long hair: Go for Ayurveda

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Long and black hair is a dream of Kerala beauties. It’s true that short haircuts are popular in god’s own country, but long black hair is what outsiders expect from Malayali Girls. If you want to own such a long attractive thick hair, only Ayurveda can help you ….here are some tips…

1Apply coconut oil or brahmi oil on head for thick long hair.

2. Use coconut oil boiled with henna leaves as hair oil for thickly growing black hair.

3. Eat gooseberry or have gooseberry juice daily

4. Apply mere hot coconut oil ,massage well and take bath after 30 minutes

5. Apply thali (juice of hibiscus leaves or Padathali) before taking bath

For healthy hair and healthy body

1. Regular sleep and wakeup early in the morning can give you a healthy and beautiful body. It’s good for hair too.

2. Massage whole body with coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil. It will increase blood circulation and will keep your skin wrinkles free and glowing.

3. Take nutritious food…natural ones

4. Drink enough water….

5 Meditate and practice yoga regularly. This gives you a calm , positive mind and good for health (for healthy hair too)

6. Be pleasant….. it improves your appearance and health

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