Saturday 20 Jul, 2019

To be beautiful….

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Every woman want to be beautiful always. That’s why she is rushing to beauty parlours…Listen you can care and improve your beauty at home  itself. Here are some tips.


Regulating food is the most important thing. That never means starve or drop eating favourite dishes. It means you please include more vegetables, fruits and fish dishes (not fried ones) in your daily diet. Oats, Porridge with milk are also good.  Drink well…that is at least eight glasses of water. Drinking lime juice is very good for your skin and health.

Wash your face with mild hot water twice in a day. When you are back home in a hot day, wash face with ice water and use some clearance cream after that.

Walk twice a day. Walking is always good for health and keeps you energetic.

Apply honey on your face as it is a natural moisturizer. It charms your skin and has no side effect

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