Friday 26 Apr, 2019

Three tips to protect your skin

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It’s true that present day women get no time to care their skin due to their busy life between office and home. Sun, stress, daily exposure to pollution damages their skin and changes its tone. Here are three simple tips to protect your skin and retain your beauty.

Lemon for toxin free skin

Drink warm water with lemon every morning to help flush toxins from the body. Then include fresh fruits, vegetables and water to boost the amount of skin-saving nutrients in your body. 

Remove make-up before going to bed

Remove your make up and wash your face in cold water before going to bed.

Sleep well

Sleep is essential for your body and mind. Good sleep directly leads to fresh looking skin. So forget all and sleep well at night.


Use sunscreen before stepping out of the home during daytime. Sunscreen not only prevents your skin from tanning but also keeps it moisturized and hydrated throughout the day.

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