Monday 25 May, 2020

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New Trends Created by Old Minji

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new trends created by old minji

Minjy or Toy Ring Fashion is part of the culture. Minji is regular in Tamil Nadu. It is also famous for the Brahmin communities in Kerala. But now minji is become a fashion trend. Mottalum  Metti, Bichia, Jodavi are many of them. Plastic to golden minjis are available in the market.

Single types of ring, double ring, multi-stones, attached to foot chain are also the different trends. The size of the fingers will increase and decrease according to the size of the fingers.

Most of the people love to wear the minji on the second finger of the legs. Recently the girls wear the minji's in all the fingers of leg.

Plastics are priced at a rate of 10 to 80 rupees. Silver coating is available from Rs 25. Designer mentors will be worth more than Rs. 50. Teenagers will love their splendid moments. The party ware minji's are goes viral in the fashion world.

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