Sunday 21 Apr, 2019

Nail care: Some tips

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Every woman wants beautiful nails. But, some always complain of damaged nails. To care your nails, first identify the type, then start nail protection tips. Here are some.

1. If you have normal nails, be happy…just use good nail polishes and don’t use it continuously. One more tip avoid using nail polish removers regularly.

2. If you have dry nails, apply olive oil to the bare nail and cuticle twice a day and massage it.

3.If you have brittle nails, it means they are too stiff and need moisture.So drink more water. Apply nail moisturizer before going to bed every day.

4. If you have damaged nails, they split, crack, never grow. This may be due to a health problem; see your doctor. Avoid direct contact with soaps and detergents.

5. If you have soft nails, surprisingly, this means your nails have too much moisture. So just wear gloves whenever doing anything related to water.

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