Thursday 18 Oct, 2018

Get rid of dry hair problem in winter: Follow three tips

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get rid of dry hair problem in winter

It is quite common facing dry hair problem during winter season and this mainly happens due to less humidity factor.

Don’t worry, now it is easy to tackle with dry hair problems. Follow the three tips and retain the shine of your hair back, this winter.

Moisten your hair often with coconut oil

Just like your skin needs a moisturizer, your hair too needs moisturizer. Moisten your hair with coconut oil and gently do a massage on your scalp before you go to sleep. The next day wash your hair with mild shampoo and don’t forget to use a conditioner.

Choose the right conditioner

After washing your hair with shampoo, you must use the right conditioner advisable for your hair. Not all type of conditioner will suit your scalp, so choose the perfect conditioner that will make your hair feel gentle after every application.

At the end apply hair potion

When hair becomes too dry, hair potions can be used to tackle thick locks. Hair potions are good to moisten your dry hair. Apply adequate amount of hair potion after washing your hair and get rid of dry hair problem during winter season. 

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