Sunday 25 Aug, 2019

Yamaha R15 Version 2.0 was withdrawn in India

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yamaha r15 version 3

The previous version of the Yamaha YZF-R15 version 3.0 was revoked in R15 Version 2.0 in India. While the generation of new generation models was introduced regularly in the automobile world, the previous generation was withdrawn. The bike's lovers are curious about the R15 version 2.0 and the R15 continues to be rolled back. The company recently introduced the new MotoGP Limited Edition in the R15 line. 1.30 lakh is the cost for the R15 MotoGP edition.

Limited edition of the R15 version is Rs. 3,000 more than the standard edition. Similar to MotogP Bike, which is used by the Yamaha Racing team, the mainstream of the limited edition bike is the Movistar and Inios brand logo is the attraction of limited edition bike. Yamaha R15 is the first bike to rectify the equations in the initial performance bike range. The company has introduced the version 2.0 R15 based on Yamaha Motorola Bike. However, the company was not ready to withdraw the R15 version 2.0 models at first. The company has been silently withdrawn from the official website by the previous generation.

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