Wednesday 19 Jun, 2019

The WagonR comes with 7 seats

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wagonr comes with 7 seats

The 7-seater model of the Wagon R is coming up in India soon. The Maruthi Company to introduce MPV model of Wagon R ground to Wagon Hach Back. The Wagon R was introduced in India in the Tallboy design in 1998. The 7-seat model of the best response vehicles in India has already been run for the test. This year, the vehicle will be launched in November. The 7-seat segment of the Maruthi in the Japanese market is based on a solio's design. However, the company does not disclose the details of the Wagon R 7 segment's mechanical details. The WagonR is expected to cost more than 80,000 rupees more than the hatchback model. The 7-seat WagonR will be key challenge for MPV vehicles like Datsun Go-plus vehicles in India. With the arrival of 7 seats, the company will stop production of the small WagonR.

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