Monday 18 Mar, 2019

Hyperloop; the New Dimension of the Journey

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It has to spend two hours at a place where it will be over ten minutes. The world of technology is busy trying to overcome many situations where horrible traffic jams are encountered. There is nothing else behind the aim of bringing many technologies, including the metro train. New ways to drive cars, Stradding bus ,China launched new experiments. The world today is waiting for another experiment with the magnetic experiment, as the above techniques work with the power of any fuel.

Hyper loop is the concept of Elon Musk, the owner of Space and X. Hyperloop has a history of five years of hard work and minds of the dreamers, including two or three Indians. But the Central Government of India and Indian Railways have expressed interest in the project.

The Elon Musk termed Hyperloop as the fifth generation of traffic on the road, train, ship and aircraft. Hyperloop is a specially developed tube specially developed on the railway track.

The journey is in a steel tube along with the help of magnetic force, with a low pressure air. Each cab can be removed in every 30 seconds. This can be done at speeds of 1,300 km / h.

Hyperloop technology is expected to provide travel safeguards. Hyperloop is expected to popularize the safety, speed, cost reduction, climate resistance, stability, resistance to earthquakes and the use of solar energy. Anyway, the matter becomes increasing. Technologists around the world are now behind the hyperloop.

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