Saturday 20 Jul, 2019

Honda Launches 'CLIQ' with New Variant of Scooter Concepts

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honda cliq scooter

Honda group’s new product 'Cliq' introduced in the market. 'Cliq' is different from all other scooters. The Cliq is also having fibre body like Honda Deo.

The meter console is below the handle bar in the Cliq. The Cliqhandle bar is similar to that of the bikes. Headlight and indicator are arranged in the body panel like bike.

There are certain components of Honda's inn side. Honda has also provided block pattern tires for extra grip along with broader foot board and seat space. Like 'Activa' 109 cc, single cylinder and four strokes engine is added in it. The engine is 8 BHP at 7000 RPM and the engine has a 8.94 Nm torque at 5500 RPM.

Performance similar to ActiveX's engine is the performance. However, a small fuel tank is used.The fuel capacity of the fuel is 3.5 liters. The company claims to have a 60km / mileage engine built under Honda's HET technology.  The 'Cliq' is less weight than the 'Activa' and can be handled easily. The construction of the 'Cliq' is made as tallest people can use easy.There are 1241 MM in 'Cliq', 3 mm more than Activa. The 'Cliq' used 10 inch wheel on the front and back is 130 mm drum brakes.

Specific Block Pattern Tires are provided to ensure better Grip on the bad road. Honda's Combi Brake System also has in 'Cliq'. The seat seat is short by 743 mm. The weight is only 102 kilograms. The speed of the scooter is a little helpful in tackling the scooter. Ground clearance is 154 mm.

Mobile charging socket is provided under the seat. Cliq can useful to both men and women. Honda 'Cliqs' are available in the colors of Red, Blue, Black and Gray.

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