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Honda CB Trigger: Not up to the mark

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Honda is not in any way trailing others when it comes to the competition. And that is exactly what compelled them to bring this new bike “Honda CB Trigger” which belongs to the newly thriving 150cc bike segments of Indian market. But, as far as the competitiveness that this one offers is concerned, one might not be easily convinced in picking this one out from other options; may be the hardcore “Honda fans” would.

In terms of design, “Honda CB Trigger” can be considered as an advanced version of the currently holding “CB Dazzler”. Maybe in order to be more competitive against the likes of “Yamaha FZ - S”, this one is much shorter than CB Dazzler and aggressive too. Some notable changes have been made in headlight and visor. The fuel tank is now looking more aerodynamic. Along with it a new kick lever has been added to the bike. The seats are longer and a two layered LED tail light has been included.

The engine of “CB Trigger” is again an air – cooled, single cylinder of 150cc. The engine produces a maximum torque of 12.5 Nm at 6500rpm. And the total output which the engine produces is 13.81bhp at 8500rpm. The engine comes with a five speed gearbox. But, this engine won’t live up to the expectations as it took as much as 6 seconds to reach from 0 to 60 km/hr. Tall ratios and slow torque arrival could be attributed for this particular reason. And the bike ideally suits for highway driving.

And you could expect anywhere near or above 50 kmpl, though company boasts of 60 kmpl. As designed for daily commuters, “Honda CB Trigger” comes with front foot pegs. The handlebar too is positioned a bit higher which can be found in other commuter bikes as well. Providing pass button, front leg guard, rear saree guard along with under seat storage space makes this one enough competitive in terms of security is concerned.

While the front disk brake is 240mm, the rear disk brake offers you 220mm. The company has chosen 17 inches alloy wheels and the vehicle is available in three different shades. Even amidst the problems regarding its soft suspension system and tires, what comes as a consoling feature is its high ground clearance which stands at a height of 175 mm. But, one thing for certain is that the bike is not competitive enough in the market considering the offering of others. Even a rather premium looking fully instrumental console can’t help CB Trigger in looking stylish.Price Rs 71300.


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