Sunday 25 Aug, 2019

Bike will Control you in Future; 'Ghost Rider' Launched in the Market

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ghost rider bmw

Ghost rider gives a ghost effect, just like the name of 'Ghost Rider'. As someone who drives us away from the unseen power, The R1200 GS model is based on the BMW Ghost Rider. The BMW Ghost Rider can handle the speed and direction of the road by the help of artificial intelligence. BMW did not rely on the R1200 GS Ghost rider on the test track. The Ghost Rider can be used to slow down the curve and hold the blowing brake if necessary; 'Balance' will not be lost. The BMW rider has proved to be possible for autonomous technology bikes, but BMW did not turn to the field. Rider bikes are trying to improve the systems. The new technology is the step forward for this purpose, the company says. BMW's new autonomous technology has been showcased in the R1200 GS model, It is important that the Ghost Rider does not face any difficulty moving away from the slowdown and coming back to the stagnation. The Ghost Rider is the R1200 GS presenting autonomous technology.

But it is not yet known how fast the Ghost rider will get. BMW Motorod is not the first manufacturer to test autonomous technology in bikes. Yamaha was also seen as a motorboat robot controlled bike. Honda and Autonomous bikes are in the forefront of development. But BMW Motorola only showed the courage to present a boldly autonomous bike in front of the public.

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