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Auto Expo 2018: Mahindra Unveils TUV Stinger, India’s First Convertible SUV

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Mahindra Pull Stinger out of the hat at the 2018 Auto Expo in Noida. TUV Stinger is a sub-4 meter convertible SUV which takes its cues from the TUV 300. The similarities end there. The unveiling of Mahindra Stinger concept at the 2018 Expo caught the audience and media’s attention. This isn't the carmakers first surprise concept vehicle to be showcased in the Expo, it is, in fact, the third year in the row in which Mahindra showcased Aero in 2016  and Halo sports car in 2014 Auto Expo which left auto enthusiasts and the industry awestruck.

Stinger’s face features with sleek LED lamps and large grille giving it a gallant yet modern look. Mahindra has not confirmed the production of the Stinger and said it will take a call depending on the response it garners at the Expo.

The 1.5-litre Mahindra mHawk three-cylinder diesel engine producing 145PS and 320Nm powers the TUV Stinger concept with an expected mileage of 14-18 KMPL. The convertible also features cladding along the sides to add to its beefed-up look.

The TUV Stinger is aimed at youngsters with a dynamic lifestyle. It combines the capabilities of an SUV to the looks of a convertible. The raised A-pillars add to its boxy look but the LeD Head and tail lamps give it a stylish look.

The interiors are spacious and the removal of the roof means that headroom will never be an issue. With a racing steering wheel that is flat on both the top and bottom, Mahindra claims that the Stinger is an urban rugged vehicle which promises safety and dependability which has a 2+2 seating arrangement. It might be a bit of a squeeze back there with the partly visible spare Tyre placed behind the seat.

Being a convertible SUV, the Mahindra stinger has driving modes including off-road mode. What makes it even better is a humongous digital display right ahead of the shifter to keep one aware of which mode the vehicle is being driven in. Adding to the fun and excitement that the Stinger already packs this intentionally over styled concept has an oversized infotainment system which is hard to miss even from outside the car.

The overall appearance of the Stinger has been tweaked to make it appealing as a convertible and being a no-roof SUV it carries the boxy shape of the TUV 300. However, the bold no-roof design might come as a shocker to ever-changing Indian auto market. The interesting response it gathered and the vast number of inquiries made makes one assume that the Stinger might not remain a concept for long and may hit dealerships sometime soon.

Aero the SUV Coupe which will be launched later this year was a concept in 2016 is also notable. Due to the overwhelming response and admiration, the concept has finally been realized and been given a green. It will be produced at Mahindra Chakan plant. Hope to see the Stinger share the same nemesis.

By : Raisa Elizabeth Mathew
       Digital Journalist
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auto expo 2018 tuv stinger photos
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