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Vishu .., legends, customs, and Recipes

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Vishu is celebrated mainly by the Keralites after Onam. Vishu is celeberated in the spring season. This is the beginning of spring.  Nature waits for Vishu with floral offerings. Numerous days before the Vishu's arrival, the stalls are still in bloom.


Vishu is the main harvesting festival of Kerala. Vishu is associated with summer vegetable crops, as it is related to Onam Rejuvenation. The ritual practices are different. Vishukani is the most important in Vishu. Vishukkaineettam, Vishu sadhya and Vishukuli are the festivals associated with Vishu.


Senior women in the family are responsible for preparing and showing the vishukkani. Golden vessel filled with rice, gold will be place over it, mango, shawl, lentils, lime, mango, banana, lime, and lamp burning on the east, coconut are the main items in the vishukkani. The flowers are mandatory in the Vishukkani.

When the Vishukani meets the rich, the light, the wealth, the fruits and the grains, it is the development of a new life cycle. You need to look at the mirror (symbol of Bhagavathi).

Vishu Kaineettam

Vishukkittenam is the gift given to the family member after seeing the Kani. Early on, coins made of gold and silver were provided. Usually elders of the house giving the Kaineettam for others.

Vishu Sadya

The lunch prepared in vishu like Onam in Kerala. Jack fruit is the main item for the vishu receipie. Puddings are also are the main items sadya.

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