Tuesday 18 Jun, 2019

Mehandi Designing; A Festival During Ramadan Creates Religious Harmony

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Holy months of Ramadan start with prayer and fasting to Muslims, all over the world. The Ramadan is a month when Muslims pray, fast, go without water, abstain from fleshly and social pleasures, reflect, and concentrate on their spiritual life. This fast is observed for 4 weeks from crescent moon, to crescent moon. In these months, Muslim girls, women laid aside their traditional cosmetics such as henna, usually called Mehandi in their palms. With different designs, they laid the Mehandi. As per the Muslim mythology, it is not only a traditional cosmetic, is a symbol of, and part of, the earthly delight in being alive.

This traditional designing, which held in two days before the Eid al-Fitr- also known as little Feast.

Early days, the women collect the leaves of Mehandi and 31 arecanut to make the Mehandi. It was a two days process to make this pulp. Grinding these two things, till turning in to pulp, is the first step of Mehandi making. This mehandi will use only after one day later. Now days, these are available in the market from Rs 15 to Rs. 50.

Even though the time and rituals are changing over time, the ceremonial ceremony in Ramadan is still unchanged today. All religious will take part in the Mehandi designing, in little feast. As per the Muslim belief, this is a symbol of religious harmony, which helps to restore the relationship with the neighbors also.

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