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Mizhi Thurakku

Releasing Date-2014-00-00
Movie Profile-

It's a film based on Mahakavi Kumaranasan's poem Duravastha , which tells the story of Chathan and Savitrhi Thampurati in the background of 1901 Malabar revolt. Muslims and a section of Hindus attack Namboothiri Illams after the death of Tippu Sulthan. They forcibly converts people to Islam. Savithri escapes from such an attack and took refuge in Yasodharan Chathan's hut. Yasodharan belongs to a low cast. Savithri slowly fell in love with him. Here develops the story. The film directed by Santhosh Sauparnika gives a good message to the society. It unveils the meaninglessness of castism....K.B.Ganesh Kumar plays the role of Chathan and Sruthi Lekshmi is the heroine of the film. Mizhi Thurakku's shooting in progressing at Ponmudi.....

mizhi thurakku movie stills 003
mizhi thurakku movie stills 00
mizhi thurakku movie stills 001
mizhi thurakku movie stills


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