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Fukri Review
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‘Fukri’ is a romantic comedy written and directed by Siddique starring Jayasurya, Anu Sithara and Prayaga Martin in the lead roles. This movie is essentially a rehash of some of the old story lines, which were popular in Malayalam in the 1990s; years after Bollywood rejected such themes due to overuse.

Luqman aka Lucky (Jayasurya) is a college drop-out, fooling around with his gang of friends, all of whom specializes in doing inane things in order to make us laugh. After some boring episodes that has no real relevance to the main story and is being used as “fillers” just to kill time, the main story happens.

Lucky is presented as the son of Ali Fukri (Lal), the rebellious son of a wealthy patriarch named Sulaiman Fukri (Siddique, the actor). Ali had fled home with a girl from a wealthy Brahmin household, years back. Needless to add, Lucky becomes the darling of not just the patriarch, but also everyone in the family. Of course, there are the mandatory musical sessions in between, just to tell us how talented the hero is.

As you sit there wondering when all this will end, it would be the right idea to pick those films from the past, with similar themes. Udayapuram Sultan, Peruvannapurathe Visheshangal, Kakkakuyil, Dilliwala Rajakumaran to Kadhanayakan, Karyasthan, His Highness Abdullah and many others would probably come to your mind.

There are twists happening every five minutes or so and mimicry artistes from the various TV shows have been lined up in plenty of comedy sessions. But there is not many credible jokes in those two hours, thirty-five minutes long saga that can make you even smile.

Siddique, who has changed the course of comedy in Malayalam cinema with some fabulous movies in the past, struggles with a shaky script and lazy direction this time.


Jayasurya seems to have made his character in a half hearted manner. Siddique’s character looks pretty odd with all the make-up and glitter, as if in a drama. Lal repeats his trademark style once again. The heroines, Prayaga Martin and Anu Sithara, have nothing much to do.

Fukri makes you think about the casual way the makers and actors approach cinema in Malayalam. With virtually no real efforts or sincerity, the viewers are being taken for granted here. Watch this one only at your own risk!

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