Friday 20 Apr, 2018

Unreveal the Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Karnataka

Waterfalls are the most adventures and beautiful vision presented by the nature ever. We know the major water falls in India which is in famous and destiny of tourists. Yet, unrevealed waterfalls situated in India. They are in Karnataka. There are several waterfalls located in Karnataka, yet unrevealed by the travelers. Kunchikal Falls, one of India's tallest waterfalls, is located in Nidgo More...

Monday,September 25th, 2017 1037 Viewers

Valparai;TamilNadu’s Chirapunji, Heaven of Tourists

The word 'cherrapunji' in Tamil Nadu is known as 'Valparai'. The climate and geography resemble the Cherrapunji, which receives the highest rainfall in the country. Tourists visiting the town of Valparai regularly visit the waterfa More...

Tuesday,August 15th, 2017 1136 Viewers

Veg Eating Crocodile, Native of Anil Kumble- The Ananthapuram Temple, Attracts Travellers in Many Reason

Kerala’s almost all worship places close to the pool. According to the Hindu rituals, the worshipper must to take bath in the morning or evening, before entering in to the temple. But there is rare place in Kerala, in which it is situated insid More...


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